Review and article in ‘In Touch’ Healing Magazine

Look out for this full page article/interview on The Wigapom Quest coming next month in the ‘In Touch’ healing magazine.  They have done me proud!  Books are selling well, and still getting great reviews.

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“Thank you for Wigapom”

Another complimentary review from Susie H. of Essex for The Wigapom Quest

“Thank you for Wigapom!  What a triumph of achievement.  I’ve only read a few chapters so far but am thoroughly enjoying a ‘different’ reading experience!”

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‘couldn’t put it down’ – another great review just posted on Amazon

Fantasy books are not usually my style. I normally prefer my fantasy on the big screen (which is where I can see this story ending up!!) – however – The Wigapom Quest most certainly proved to be an exception to the rule.

I found this book to be engaging and gripping from the start. Set in a fantasy world filled with all the mythical creatures I could imagine, this is a story of the fight between light and dark magic. A young boy follows his destiny to take on the quest and defeat the evil sorcerer who spreads darkness and fear throughout the Kingdom, with the use of his own gradually building magical powers, and the help of new friends he meets along the way.

The Wigapom Quest is more than just a fantasy novel, which in itself alone is guaranteed to hold you in its grip right to the very end. The story also holds lessons and philosophies on life that we all could learn from. I found myself stopping and thinking on several occasions through the story, how these very lessons had helped me throughout my own life’s journey. I believe that not only will the reader enjoy a fantastic story, but also recognise some outlook on areas of their own life that can be enhanced while they join our young hero on his own path of self acceptance, love, and personal growth…..

Maybe you will reconnect with the Inner Child buried deep inside you…. Or maybe you will simply enjoy a great read…. Not to be passed by! :)

Great job Penny Gilman! I look forward to the next :)

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a film waiting to be made?

Penny, gave my nephew your book to read while I finished the one I’m reading . Saw him today and he loves it, said it should be a film ….so well done I can’t wait to get it back now. Another rave review, well done xxx   Sue from Essex

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Another positive comment for The Wigapom Quest

” I was lucky enough to be the first person to purchase this book directly from the author.  I have never before read a spiritual fantasy adventure book but I LOVED this one!  The first chapter sets out the history of the characters and their world, and from therein the story grabs you and never lets you go.  I didn’t want to put the book down!  Lessons can be learnt from this story even though it is set in a fantasy land; the morals are specific to our everyday life.  I would highly recommend this book and I can’t wait for Penny to write her next one!” Michelle from Colchester

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newspaper article and thoughts on comments

Just been interviewed by my local paper, the Braintree and Witham Times, about The Wigapom Quest and an article and picture will be in next weeks edition. That is yet another exciting part of the process- a little more of who I am and how I think going out into the world.  I also had some lovely feedback today on the book from the very first person to buy it- will be putting her comments here soon.  It is quite something to be so appreciated for something I have created and which, for so long, was just between me and the page and I feel honoured and humbled at the same time.  This is all a writer ever wants I think- for someone else to read and value their thoughts. Thoughts are fragile butterflies cascading onto the page to become words and thus become imprinted for all time. That’s a pretty vulnerable place and  we never know whether our thoughts will be valued or given credence by others, and when they are it  is a wonderful, emotional moment.  It’s all very Nurturing Parent – and makes my soul child inside me want to soar.

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Book Signing

Had the first book signing for The Wigapom Quest on Saturday at my local Witham library.  I admit to feeling a tad nervous on the journey there- would people come? would they buy the book? etc  but I needn’t have worried, they did come, and they did buy. It was a lovely event and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  All the library staff were very helpful (and two of them even bought their own copies of the book) and there was a steady stream of people, many of them supportive friends and colleagues, some of whom had already bought the book and were coming back for more copies for their friends!) but also others I did not know, who all bought copies, or brought previously purchased copies for me to sign (with my special Wigapom pen!) It was lovely to chat about the book, and the writing and publishing process and those two hours went amazingly quickly.  I went home with just a third of what I brought with me so I was very pleased indeed that it had proved so successful.  I donated three copies to the library, as a heartfelt thank you and they have retained one copy and sent one each to the main Colchester and Chelmsford libraries, so I am spread around the county now!  An amazing thought!  The library have even invited me back when I have another book published!  Now that’s an offer too good to ignore!

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Even more comments

These two quotes below are from Kerry- the second is an official review, the first her personal opinion:

‘I had Friday off to finish some college work  and do some jobs around the house, however all I have done is read your excellent book am  on chapter 42  Monster and Magic. I am looking forward to see how the last chapters pan out, and even found myself listening to the messages and following suit by not taking action in a particular  situation.’ Kerry, from Northampton

‘Cleverly crafted journey that takes the reader on the Quest with Wigapom and his friends which parallels and reflects life’s problems and challenges.

Penny descriptively paints a picture of another time and world that sweeps you along with  your own imagination, which will be different and personal to each reader. Love the quotation on each chapter. Kerry from Northampton.

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All things wise and wonderful

This lovely line comes from one of the most favoured  hymns sung by children  that I know – All things bright and beautiful.  With its simple but catchy tune and its focus on the wonders and beauty of nature it has rightly earned its place in countless hearts and minds over the years.  When I was working full time with pre-school children I was often stuck by their innate wisdom  which was reflected in the magical way they saw the natural world. If only that could be bottled like a magic potion and sprinkled over us as we grow! theirs was a dazzling curiosity mixed with a tangible sense of awe and wonder and stirred with an easy, often matter of fact acceptance of all that they were seeing, whether it was a fossil, a spider, the veins of a leaf, the bugs under the piece of rotting  wood or the myriad of squiggly creatures captured momentarily in the jar on  summer pond dipping excursions. (This was in the days when ‘elf and safety had yet to raise their cautionary and forbidding fingers and parents could still be trusted to accompany young children on wildlife safari’s as we called them without CRB checks – ah halcyon days!)  These magical children might not have had the botanical knowledge of the plants or the creatures Latin names nor did they always know the  correct habitats but they had their own wisdom for what was important- a sense of wonder, of trust, of awe,  a sense of actually being in the now, and making each magical moment seem as though it was the most important moment of all.  This sparkling ability does sadly fade over time, as the pressures of learning and structure and time dominate and all children become human doings rather than human beings.  Yet that enlightened wisdom is still at our core and we can get back to it, even if we have to search for a long time.  The real wisdom is seeing with new eyes, indeed  heightening all our senses and discovering pleasures and real magic in the things that we might otherwise overlook in our grown up state.  It’s a time to ‘feel the daisies and see the rain’ as a book title once stated so creatively.   That’s when the real wisdom of  enlightenment starts to return and we experience life as we once did.  It’s a kind of homecoming I suppose.

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More comments

‘ I can see it as a film and even a game.  I’d buy both of them.’   Cathy  from Nottingham – well thanks for that vote of confidence Cathy. I’d love to see it as a film- it was always playing out as one in my head when I was writing it, so, when you bump into Steven Spielberg or James Cameron next just mention my name!

‘it really is gripping’ – Lisa from London

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