Book Signing in Colchester 11 & 12 September

Come on down (as they say!) to the Health and Healing Festival at Charter Hall Colchester, Essex on Saturday from 10-5pm and Sunday 10-12.30, where I will be signing copies of The Wigapo Quest, courtesy of Lee and Peter Searsby of The Magik Thread spiritual books stand.  Really look forward to seeing you- it should be a really super holistic event with loads of MBS stands, talks, workshops and demonstrations- oh and did I mention it?  me signing my book!

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Meditative Poem- Journey to your heart and back

I wrote this some time ago and forgot about it but something brought it to my attention again today.  Synchronicity somewhere I expect!

It is a meditation poem, constructed in simple rhyming couplets, and designed as a heart centre visualisation.  As with all relaxing visualisation/meditations, there is a space in the centre for quiet reflection before  making the return journey.  I hope you enjoy it.

Close your eyes, rest your body, take your mind to another place. Just drift and dream and float away, create your own inner space.

Let your breathing carry you there, deep and slow and calm.Just breathing in eternal peace, breathing out all strife and harm.

Slowing down, breath is soft, like a cushioning cloud wrapped round. Soft, secure and mellow, completely safe and sound.

The cushioning cloud of the purest light is soft and warm against your skin. It takes your shape effortlessly and helps you go within.

So settle within  this cushion of light, deep and pure and strong. Let it carry you to your inner garden and assist your life’s journey along.

Just lift the latch and open the gate and enter this tranquillity. Then close the gate behind you and move forward with gentle agility.

Your inner garden is heart shaped, there’s greenness all around. The flowers smell sweet, the colours are clear, you hear only the gentlest sounds.

Move along your inner pathway, find that special part. Know that when you get there, you have found your truest heart.

The softest pink, the gentlest green, the glowing open way. The kindest warmth, most loving space that will always, always stay.

Go deep within, the light glows clearer, suddenly, all is white. Blissful thoughts, blissful feelings, blissful dreams, all open and bright.

You hold this bliss, deep inside, and yet it spreads out far. Through yourself, beyond yourself, to the furthest healing star.

Silver shining, radiant beams illumine all around. You see the love,  you feel the love, you hear its healing sound.

Like bells upon a meadow, or birds high in the sky. Or the gentle sound of rain or a breeze whispering by.

Hold the sound, hold the light, hold the feeling of this place. It is your own inner heart, but connected to external space.

Everywhere is part of you, and you are every thing. All is one – one is all, feel the completeness that this brings.

Rest here awhile, absorb the oneness, enjoy your inner world. When it’s time to go, I’ll let you know, but for now, let loving wisdom unfurl…

(take time here for some moments of silence before completing the meditation poem)

…You’ve found your heartspace, you know it’s there, always, whenever you choose. You can often return, and feel calm again, to just drift and dream and muse.

But for now the real world beckons, normality needs to return. And  you can turn and face the world, and live what you have just learned:

That all the world is joined together, by vibrating energy. There is no space, no separation, all hearts entrain in perfect synergy.

This inner wisdom helps you now see the good in everyone. So you can spread your light, your peace, your love, to radiate like the purest golden sun.

Come gently back, through the garden in your mind, bring back your loving heart. Walk once more through your inner gate, and prepare, ready to depart.

Your feet touch the gentle earth, you feel yourself inspired. With light, with love , with energy, with every kind thought you desire.

Slowly let your fingertips tingle, feel feet firm on the ground, and strong. As the vibrant living energy brings you back where you belong.

Legs, and feet, hands and arms, pulse with life again. Feeling great, feeling good, come back to earth again.

Open your eyes, have a stretch, be in touch with all you are seeing. Energy returns, you are back in today, as a loving human being.

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Thoughts create our reality

Just added a comment on the Conscious Spirituality discussion about how our words affect our physiology, and perceptions and thought you might like to share in my reply, so here it is.

“I agree,  but it is also of course the unvoiced words- our thoughts- that really create our reality. Sometimes we may say one thing but think another and it is our thoughts that will create what happens to our emotions, physiology, perceptions. Thoughts are all powerful and can be a negative force or a positive force in our life, depending on how we choose to experience things- are you a glass half full or half empty person,for example? Thoughts are the master builders of creation but also it’s worst destroyers. Light and dark- always the duality to test us and ultimately give us the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to be more than we were before. Thoughts are energy that we cannot erase as no energy can be destroyed, so its important to watch what thoughts we ‘put out there’. Read about these concepts, and more in my spiritual adventure novel ‘The Wigapom Quest’- a magical search for self.”

I’d love to hear any reader viewpoint’s on this, or any other spiritual/philosophical topic- whether in The Wigapom Quest or not- it’s always great to have open discussion.  Have a great day!

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more positive comments on The Wigapom Quest

Just received this comment by Claire, Norfolk :

‘:) Just to let you know, Duncan is really enjoying your book. He’s steaming through it. Said it is the most gripping book he’s read for months. I cannot wait for my turn to read it! ‘

thanks Claire- let me know what you think when you’ve read it too!

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Book signing for Regional Healathon and thoughts on Wisdom

Really chuffed to be asked to do a book signing of The Wigapom Quest, at the proposed Healathon in Suffolk in October.  This will consist of many of my healing colleagues from around The Healing Trust, Region 7  covering Essex, Suffolk,Cambridge,  and Norfolk, getting together for a day of Reunion and Healing and will be a fabulous opportunity to catch up, as well as  send and receive positive healing energy to each other and the Universe. And we all need a bit of that from time to time, especially now, after such negative energy has been experienced recently in our major cities and which many people have been dismayed about.  I always do my best to ‘trust the process’ as it says in The Wigapom Quest, and to recognise that there is a Bigger Picture out there that is just working towards perfection.  I was thus heartened, and not really surprised when despite the negative energy that erupted on the streets over those few hot days a lot of positive vibes appeared (some in the form of brooms!) to help re-balance the energy.  I was also full of admiration at the wise and compassionate words of the father of one of the young men so tragically mown down.  To have a heart full of so much love and compassion when his personal world must have collapsed with the death of his dear son is true wisdom.  As it states in The Wigapom Quest, wisdom is given to each of us, we just have to tap into it to learn how to use it and the world is automatically a better place.  There is always a positive to every negative.  And that thought gives me hope. Namaste, everyone!

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We Love Wiggy!

This review has just been added on Amazon page for The Wigapom Quest.

” I was recommended this book as a holiday read, and took it away to rainy East Sussex in July. What good company it turned out to be!

It is almost impossible to pick up any book with a quest at its centre without drawing comparisons with the stories of Tolkien, Rowling and Lewis. Nevertheless, the author here has succeeded in producing a romping good yarn with very much its own personality. Fans of quest and fantasy stories will still find plenty that is familiar, including wizards, magic and mystical creatures; however, beyond those shared roots The Wigapom Quest is quite a different experience. Penny Gillman has a writing style that is conversational and accessible, which belies the satisfying complexity and scope of the story she weaves.

Underpinning the novel is a theme of self-discovery and spiritual self-awareness; this is clearly signposted on the sleeve notes and could put off some potential readers, fearing something a little `preachy’. But that would be unjustified, because for anyone after a thoroughly entertaining and fast moving adventure story, this is a genuine page-turner. Gillman has invented some terrific characters in Willerby, Fynn and Will. They undertake a well imagined and beautifully constructed journey which is sure to entertain as well as provoke thought about spiritual growth, fulfilment and one’s place in the world. A terrific, warm-hearted read on many different levels – I loved it, and can’t wait for some smart film-maker to pick up the movie rights!”

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The miracle of birth

I am thrilled to announce I have a very beautiful week old grand daughter called Amara Rose and I could spend hours just looking at her- indeed I already have! Just to see the perfection of her features and her limbs, and every part of her, is the most amazing experience.  The creation and birth of a baby is such a miracle, isn’t it?  Right up there with the birth of the Universe.  A baby is a universe too of course- in miniature –  a  microcosm of the macrocosm.  I look forward to her growing and developing and evolving into the person she has chosen to be this time around, and feel so blessed that her soul chose our family to be born into.  Right at the beginning  of The Wigapom Quest, a soul chooses to be born and Amara’s birth reminds me of this.  Like that baby in the story she will go on her own Quest in life, as we all do, discovering who we are and what we are born to do and be. So much fragility yet so much hope, so much promise and potential waiting to be fulfilled on her life’s journey and spiritual pathway!  I wish you well, my dear, wonderful grand daughter and recognise the soul in you. Namaste, little one.

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The Prequel

Just started the first draft of the prequel to The Wigapom Quest.  This is the story of Darqu’on’s evolution from his violent beginning to trusted friend of the king to the megalomaniac monster he finally became.  It’s an adventure- allegorical, magical, horrific and exciting and  covers deep spiritual, esoteric and psychological themes.  Looking forward to writing it!

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Early reviews and comments on The Wigapom Quest

‘Absolutely gripping…an inspirational page turner. I enjoyed it enormously’ -Sir Thomas Lucas, Scientist and Healer

‘An exciting, thought provoking novel of great insight, prompting the reader to take a deeper look into their own understanding of energy, life, magic, love and illusion’ -Valerie A Hall, Fellow of The Healing Trust,

‘ A great read.  Finding it hard to put down’ - Cathy from Nottingham

‘I enjoyed it immensely’ - Sarah from Leicester

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All things bright and beautiful

This lovely line comes from one of the most favoured  hymns sung by children  that I know – All things bright and beautiful.  With its simple but catchy tune and its focus on the wonders and beauty of nature it has rightly earned its place in countless hearts and minds over the years.  When I was working full time with pre-school children I was often stuck by their innate wisdom  which was reflected in the magical way they saw the natural world. If only that could be bottled like a magic potion and sprinkled over us as we grow! theirs was a dazzling curiosity mixed with a tangible sense of awe and wonder and stirred with an easy, often matter of fact acceptance of all that they were seeing, whether it was a fossil, a spider, the veins of a leaf, the bugs under the piece of rotting  wood or the myriad of squiggly creatures captured momentarily in the jar on  summer pond dipping excursions. (This was in the days when ‘elf and safety had yet to raise their cautionary and forbidding fingers and parents could still be trusted to accompany young children on wildlife safari’s as we called them without CRB checks – ah halcyon days!)  These magical children might not have had the botanical knowledge of the plants or the creatures Latin names nor did they always know the  correct habitats but they had their own wisdom for what was important- a sense of wonder, of trust, of awe,  a sense of actually being in the now, and making each magical moment seem as though it was the most important moment of all.  This sparkling ability does sadly fade over time, as the pressures of learning and structure and time dominate and all children become human doings rather than human beings.  Yet that enlightened wisdom is still at our core and we can get back to it, even if we have to search for a long time.  The real wisdom is seeing with new eyes, indeed  heightening all our senses and discovering pleasures and real magic in the things that we might otherwise overlook in our grown up state.  It’s a time to ‘feel the daisies and see the rain’ as a book title once stated so creatively.   That’s when the real wisdom of  enlightenment starts to return and we experience life as we once did.  It’s a kind of homecoming I suppose.

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