The Wigapom Quest

The story is based loosely on Joseph Campbell’s idea of the heroic Quest and set in Arcanum, a land peopled by different races, that just happen to be dwarves, elves, gnomes and the like, as well as native Arcanese. They are living in fear under Darqu’on, a past Magician, turned Evil Sorcerer and Necromancer.

The hero, is unknowingly, the Prince and heir to the Kingdom but living the unhappy, unfulfilled life of Willerby, the village Baker’s son. In a childhood dream he is given the name of Wigapom and in a vision given the Quest to earn seven coloured stones, and fit them into the spine of the Book of True Magic, stolen by Darqu’on. Only this act will banish the darkness of fear and restore Light to the land but Darqu’on, is already determined to kill him, for reasons of his own.

Accompanied by his lifelong friend, Fynn and later by a strangely familiar young boy called Will who arrives from nowhere and has a vital if unexpected part to play in the story, he journey’s through many adventures, meeting friendly and downright unfriendly characters, attempting to avoid death from the shape-shifting Darqu’on.

Gradually, and often traumatically he earns the stones, learning more and more about himself as a person, and the wisdom of the True Magic, as he does so.

There is a dramatic twist that no one expects or wants and Will is faced with a dilemma…

The adventure, called by Scientist and Healer Sir Thomas Lucas, ” gripping…an inspirational page-turner”  is laced with spiritual and esoteric knowledge and practices, as well as insights into relationships with others and Self – a Quest not only for Wigapom to fulfil, but the reader too.


A Prequel, charting the life of Darqu’on and how his early experiences affected his life and turned him from talented Magician to evil Sorcerer is planned.  This will further explore how easy it is to transform our Soul Child potential into a monster.

A non-fiction book, entitled ‘The Book of True Magic’, covering in depth all the spiritual and psychological issues, myths and magic raised in ‘The Wigapom Quest.’ is also planned.

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