The Wigapom Quest

When unhappy young Willerby is given a new name in a dream, experiences amazing, real magic, and receives the gift of a pulsating orange stone with strange markings etched on it, all seems to pint to major change in his life, but it is not until he receives another similar stone with instructions to earn five more and place them in the book of True Magic that his Quest for the Hidden Wisdom really begins and he has the opportunity to discover who he really is…

The discovery of the stones and the retrieval of the book provide him with undreamed of possibilities and experiences for personal and spiritual growth as they take him on a strange yet always magical journey through the land of his birth and into the cretive depths of his own psyche- a truly magical spiritual pathway of self discovery which threatens his life, his relationship with his oldest friend, manifests into his own inner child and leads to a future he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

As you read and enjoy the gripping adventure, with its magical, monstrous and at times surreal events, you are encouraged to take your own Quest into your own spiritual self awareness, inner wisdom and the concept of Oneness.

The Wigapom Quest is a unique, exciting, muti-layered story delivering its message of hope to the Child in every Adult and the Adult in every Child.

It will appeal to all those who enjoy reading stories with spiritual depth in a magical fantasy format.

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