New Beginnings

It is some time since I wrote a blog here as life has thrown some pretty challenging opportunities for growth in my lap lately- the most recent being pretty major cervical spinal surgery (ACDF) to be precise, which meant an incision point in the front of my neck, a fair bit of moving around of muscles so that the top of the spine could be accessed, then shaving away some bone spurs that were compressing my spinal cord followed by removal of a disc which was then replaced by  a metal fusion.  I was in hospital just a few days and although there is a long recuperation period ahead of me I am in pretty good shape and very grateful for the expertise of the neurosurgeon and his wonderful team who have literally given me the chance of a new beginning in my spinal health.

Being the person I am I have naturally looked at the Mind Body link in term of this condition, in the desire to help my spiritual health,knowing that our thoughts and feelings create physical conditions, which if we do not seek to correct whilst they are present in the finer levels of our vibrational field, or Aura we thus have to take notice of when they finally manifest as physical disease.These conditions, although painful if left till this physical stage, are still a gift to us as they provide the opportunity to look at what we have tried to bury or ignore, either from this life time, or carried over from previous lives.

Sitting here writing this with a large scar across my neck and metal replacing part of my spine has certainly led me to wondering what I can learn from this about myself as part of my soul growth.

The condition had been developing apparently for many years and the problem area was the bones at the top of my spine.  As each part of the body has it own unique function and purpose I needed to find out what this part of my body was saying to me in its own special language.  This is what I discovered:

Bones are the hard tissue that form the framework to our bodies:  the rock on which the temple for our soul is constructed.  The spine forms first so this represent the first urge to incarnate in a human body, our ‘primary pattern’.  Hard tissue contains inherited characteristics as well as the karmic imprint of past lives now being drawn into this new life.  It represents our agreement to be part of life and contains the most condensed form of energy.  Hard tissue is also representative of our spiritual energy, which leads us into incarnation in the first place. Developing from the head, where thoughts begin our spine  gives spiritual energy to our thoughts and our emotions and reflects who we are.

The head forms first in the embryonic stage, closely followed by the spine.  This represents the thinking aspect of our development, which motivates the doing centre of our torso and arms and our moving centre as reflected in our pelvis and legs.  The doing centre is all about how we feel about things, about what is happening to us and how we respond, whether to draw close or pull away.  It is about creativity and expression, of reaching out to others via the heart , or carrying guilt, anger and shouldering burdens.

A trauma of some kind in the hard tissue of the bones can reflect a conflict at our deepest core level, so much so that it hinders, and sometimes stops completely our ability to move forward.  We cannot go on as before but have to stop, or be stopped. It is a cry for help which provides us with the opportunity to reassess, change direction and begin again.

So here I am, digging into my soul to understand what created this condition in the first place- repressed anger? guilt? a refusal to acknowledge feelings or a resistance to commit fully to this life. or are these issues related to past life situations that remained unresolved?  This is a work in progress of course, with no easy answers but a need to meditate and reflect and eventually release.  A new beginning indeed, and one which we can all make when we listen to our bodies and learn what they are trying to teach us.

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