PARADIGM SHIFT Readers Club review of The Wigapom Quest says ‘this is THE fantasy novel for Light workers’

Hi there!  Just wanted to share with you all the great revue The Wigapom Quest has just received from Paradigm Shift Readers Club .

QUOTE: ‘What a fantastic read! Not only an exciting fantasy book full of magic, adventure, romance and mystical beings, but also a book filled to the brim with deeper meanings, insights and spiritual concepts. It is such an entertaining book on one level, but on a deeper level it will invite you to go within and look into your own use of thoughts, energy and choice. Thus the Wigapom Quest will be a wonderful fantasy novel to some, it will awaken others to new, spiritual and empowering concepts and it will be a reminder of deeply held inner truths to others.

All in all I would say this book is THE fantasy novel for Light workers.’

full details can be seen from the link below

It really is a super review and shows that I set out to do what I intended when I wrote the book- to appeal to everyone on whatever level of spiritual awareness they are on.

The Wigapom Quest is now available, not only as a paperback, but also an ebook.  Read it and see what YOU think! :)

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