2012 – A year of challenge and an opportunity to be more than before

Hello again! It has been a long time since I added a post to my site and since 2012 dawned a lot has happened in my life to challenge me and rock my world. Yet I believe that 2012 is the year for challenge for many of us as we encounter the amazing heightened energies that this special year brings in preparation for Ascension.  I will share one of these  events with you.

I have sat in (and now run) a closed spiritual circle for nearly 20 years now and many messages to this effect have been channelled, certainly in the last 10 years.  The messages are still coming and this year has certainly delivered its whammy’s and double whammy’s!  No one ever said it was going to be easy being a light worker and by heck, they were right!  Even in the healing world I have had my faith in the institution I have supported and worked for shaken to the very core and have been at various times horrified, saddened, shocked, aghast and any number of similar adjectives that you could name.  I did not react, however, in the way that I might have done several years ago, by barging in with all guns blazing but knew that I had to respond differently, not from my emotional personality-driven ego but from a higher place of love and I thus stepped back and became an observer as the dramas unfolded before my eyes.  I found that this helped me to stay as objective as possible and to recognise that neither ‘side’ or their supporters was wholly ‘right’ or wholly wrong but that in the heat of the moment, when fear and panic and outrage take hold and the moral high ground is sought that even the best can be found wanting.  I learnt that it is easy to condemn others yet no one is perfect and that we all need to see the plank in our own eyes before we try to gouge out the splinter in someone else’s.  It has reinforced in me that it is human to err and that it is not  helpful to judge words and actions made in the heat of the moment. (A hard lesson at times!) It has taught me that we all have  to take personal responsibility  for our thoughts, words and  actions and above all to forgive others for their transgressions in these areas.  This is the healing way, the path of unconditional love and the only certain way of understanding and maintaining  Oneness. Anything else only leads to separation and takes us further from who we really are.

Anger is a human emotion and it has its place but if we cannot move from that anger into understanding and ultimately forgiveness then we remain stuck, either in a place of personal pain, or perhaps even worse, in an anaesthetised no-man’s land with no obvious way out.   My own moments of emotional pain over this issue have mercifully found their resolution in eventual inner peace. I cannot deny it has been very challenging, but also rewarding and I hope that, in the wise sentiments of Neale Donald Walsch, I am more than I was before.


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