Resting in peace or beaming me up Scotty?

This last week has seen the loss of someone of  whom I thought a great deal.  He was just 16, talented, vivacious, energetic with a zest for life and living before Leukaemia bit deep and painfully and he lost his fight to this killer disease.  To lose him seems such a waste when viewed from the human, lower self level, but I know on a soul level that his time to go had already been chosen and that his soul, or essence, now has other work to do on a more subtle level of energy.

There have been thousands of postings on his facebook wall all hoping he is sleeping, or resting in peace and whilst I understand that this is our traditional concept of what happens after death and serves to help many people deal with grief, it is not a concept I share and felt the need to put my own viewpoint on this here.

I believe that far from ‘resting’ and ‘sleeping’ for eternity the soul has more work to do on these higher planes, and that the idea of an eternal repose is actually such a waste of energy and therefore, not actually possible.  Although I understand that the soul needs a time of initial r & r on passing, especially if energy has been depleted through physical illness, this does not last forever and is a precursor to the next stage of the souls journey, which may involve ‘living’ in another energetic dimension for a while, or  helping the progress of others still on the earth plane, or even re-birth in another physical body.

This concept is explored at the end of The Wigapom Quest with the death of a leading character. It explores the pain and sadness at his passing of those left behind, but the ultimate joy of recognising that death is not the end but a beginning of a new form of life on the soul level.

We are all animated by energy. Energy cannot be destroyed.  When the physical casing that houses us in humanity falls away the energy that has animated it is liberated to do other things on other dimensions.  And those dimensions are not ‘up there’ or ‘in the sky’- they are not far away at all but exist alongside us, up close and personal, so to speak, but because they now work at a higher, faster vibration, we are not  so aware of them as we were when they were restricted by physicality.

So there is no RIP, no ‘star’ looking down, although I recognise how that can help others who have been brought up this way.  I hope that one day we will all understand and find comfort from this other way of thinking: namely that ‘life’ goes on after ‘death’, (these are mere concepts after all) but to paraphrase Star Trek, not always as we know it.

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