Reincarnation and Karma of the Soul

‘All souls must undergo transmigration…by being born into another body’ states the quote from Jean Paul Richter that begins the first chapter of The Wigapom Quest.

This, of course, focuses on the ancient concept Reincarnation, and its constant bedfellow of Karma, that are both Eastern philosophies, now heavily embraced by many in the Western world.

Reincarnation has always made total sense to me- if nothing else it is the best form of recycling ever! – and the concept of karma also creates a sense of justice within me- showing that no soul ever ‘gets away with murder’ or indeed any other transgression they may have made in any of  the lives they are, or have inhabited.

Karma is not just payback though, which would seem to stem from a twisted desire for vengeance rather than fairness, and I personally, do not believe in a vengeful deity but embrace an all loving, compassionate energy source that seeks to encourage us, as individuals souls,( who are all still part of The One’) to accept the full ramifications and responsibilities of our choices in the lives we choose to live and to seek to make our own recompense for them, as a means of learning, not punishment.

I believe that the soul creates its own heaven and its own hell and that the latter is not the fire and brimstone hell peopled by devils, demons and other minions of Lucifer but a unique place created by the individual soul, who upon reviewing his previous life with the help of the spiritual elders after death, allow him to recognises his mistakes, transgressions, selfishness, obfuscations and other negative behaviour so that the soul, sadder and wiser now after the event, seeks  to redress and rebalance the  previous situation by, first, some self reflection (which may be ‘ real hell’ to undergo) and then, when the soul recognises that only it and nothing else can lift it from this space of torment, will decide to release itself from its self imposed hell and return in another body, often with those it has wronged from the past and thus seek to set its karmic record straight.

In The Wigapom Quest, I write about  our ‘enemies’ on the earth plane as being those  souls who love us best of all as they provide the greatest challenges that allow us to grow spiritually and be more than we  were before.  They gift their own souls for that particular incarnation and thus allow others, often through suffering, to progress further along their own souls pathway and thus transform or transcend their own karmic deeds.

Of course, all is just potential, and we each have the choice to learn or ignore our soul lessons, but the gift of karma and reincarnation are always available to offer us that chance again to this time ‘get it right’.  How wonderful to know that there are second, third and indeed interminable chances to progress and that the Universe has endless patience with each and every one of us.

So the next time someone does or says something unpleasant in your life, treat this as the gift it is, providing you with the opportunity to break the karmic bonds and progress on a spiritual and  soul level.

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