Wigapom and Synchronicity on Health and Healing Stand

Well, the books and I were certainly on the stand, if not Wigapom himself, and there was plenty of synchronicity about that day.  I had a really delightful time chatting to loads of people about The Wigapom Quest and met up with some colleagues from the fairly distant past. We swapped our recent life histories and amazed ourselves how our paths had crossed and recrossed,   met strangers that turned out not to be strangers but who were drawn to my stand: amazing coincidences, some might say, but we knew it was Universal synchronicity working behind the scenes.  One lady who felt drawn to visit my stall, although she didnt know why, chatted about my book, and her spiritual path.  It turned out she wrote too, and painted- and that she lived just up the road from me, yet we had never met before, yet she knew not only my Mum (another painter)  via a shared art class, but also Valerie, who did the second review on the cover of my book. She, along with a number of others, bought a copy. I was really delighted to sign it. A small world in deed!

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