Great review from Heather

Heather says:

July 27, 2011 at 12:44 pm

Just finished reading ‘The Wigapom Quest’ and find myself somewhat saddened that I had to leave the story and characters behind! Have felt part of the story and totally absorbed by all the twists and turns of the tale. Initially was a little concerned that I could draw some comparisons with Lord of the Rings; for example, Magus/Gandalf, Darq’on/Sauron, Roth Riders/Ring Wraiths,Fynn/Sam, Forbidden wood/Fangorn, but as I moved on through the story, it really began to develop and grow in it’s own right.
Beautifully written, with the most wonderful descriptive language that conjures up such visually spectacular images.
Lots of learning for the individual’s soul and spirit and truly an inspirational text.
Would make a wonderful film….particularly if Peter Jackson directed it!
Well done Penny. Fabulous read. XX

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