We Love Wiggy!

This review has just been added on Amazon page for The Wigapom Quest.

” I was recommended this book as a holiday read, and took it away to rainy East Sussex in July. What good company it turned out to be!

It is almost impossible to pick up any book with a quest at its centre without drawing comparisons with the stories of Tolkien, Rowling and Lewis. Nevertheless, the author here has succeeded in producing a romping good yarn with very much its own personality. Fans of quest and fantasy stories will still find plenty that is familiar, including wizards, magic and mystical creatures; however, beyond those shared roots The Wigapom Quest is quite a different experience. Penny Gillman has a writing style that is conversational and accessible, which belies the satisfying complexity and scope of the story she weaves.

Underpinning the novel is a theme of self-discovery and spiritual self-awareness; this is clearly signposted on the sleeve notes and could put off some potential readers, fearing something a little `preachy’. But that would be unjustified, because for anyone after a thoroughly entertaining and fast moving adventure story, this is a genuine page-turner. Gillman has invented some terrific characters in Willerby, Fynn and Will. They undertake a well imagined and beautifully constructed journey which is sure to entertain as well as provoke thought about spiritual growth, fulfilment and one’s place in the world. A terrific, warm-hearted read on many different levels – I loved it, and can’t wait for some smart film-maker to pick up the movie rights!”

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