Thoughts create our reality

Just added a comment on the Conscious Spirituality discussion about how our words affect our physiology, and perceptions and thought you might like to share in my reply, so here it is.

“I agree,  but it is also of course the unvoiced words- our thoughts- that really create our reality. Sometimes we may say one thing but think another and it is our thoughts that will create what happens to our emotions, physiology, perceptions. Thoughts are all powerful and can be a negative force or a positive force in our life, depending on how we choose to experience things- are you a glass half full or half empty person,for example? Thoughts are the master builders of creation but also it’s worst destroyers. Light and dark- always the duality to test us and ultimately give us the opportunity, if we choose to take it, to be more than we were before. Thoughts are energy that we cannot erase as no energy can be destroyed, so its important to watch what thoughts we ‘put out there’. Read about these concepts, and more in my spiritual adventure novel ‘The Wigapom Quest’- a magical search for self.”

I’d love to hear any reader viewpoint’s on this, or any other spiritual/philosophical topic- whether in The Wigapom Quest or not- it’s always great to have open discussion.  Have a great day!

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