The miracle of birth

I am thrilled to announce I have a very beautiful week old grand daughter called Amara Rose and I could spend hours just looking at her- indeed I already have! Just to see the perfection of her features and her limbs, and every part of her, is the most amazing experience.  The creation and birth of a baby is such a miracle, isn’t it?  Right up there with the birth of the Universe.  A baby is a universe too of course- in miniature –  a  microcosm of the macrocosm.  I look forward to her growing and developing and evolving into the person she has chosen to be this time around, and feel so blessed that her soul chose our family to be born into.  Right at the beginning  of The Wigapom Quest, a soul chooses to be born and Amara’s birth reminds me of this.  Like that baby in the story she will go on her own Quest in life, as we all do, discovering who we are and what we are born to do and be. So much fragility yet so much hope, so much promise and potential waiting to be fulfilled on her life’s journey and spiritual pathway!  I wish you well, my dear, wonderful grand daughter and recognise the soul in you. Namaste, little one.

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