Meditative Poem- Journey to your heart and back

I wrote this some time ago and forgot about it but something brought it to my attention again today.  Synchronicity somewhere I expect!

It is a meditation poem, constructed in simple rhyming couplets, and designed as a heart centre visualisation.  As with all relaxing visualisation/meditations, there is a space in the centre for quiet reflection before  making the return journey.  I hope you enjoy it.

Close your eyes, rest your body, take your mind to another place. Just drift and dream and float away, create your own inner space.

Let your breathing carry you there, deep and slow and calm.Just breathing in eternal peace, breathing out all strife and harm.

Slowing down, breath is soft, like a cushioning cloud wrapped round. Soft, secure and mellow, completely safe and sound.

The cushioning cloud of the purest light is soft and warm against your skin. It takes your shape effortlessly and helps you go within.

So settle within  this cushion of light, deep and pure and strong. Let it carry you to your inner garden and assist your life’s journey along.

Just lift the latch and open the gate and enter this tranquillity. Then close the gate behind you and move forward with gentle agility.

Your inner garden is heart shaped, there’s greenness all around. The flowers smell sweet, the colours are clear, you hear only the gentlest sounds.

Move along your inner pathway, find that special part. Know that when you get there, you have found your truest heart.

The softest pink, the gentlest green, the glowing open way. The kindest warmth, most loving space that will always, always stay.

Go deep within, the light glows clearer, suddenly, all is white. Blissful thoughts, blissful feelings, blissful dreams, all open and bright.

You hold this bliss, deep inside, and yet it spreads out far. Through yourself, beyond yourself, to the furthest healing star.

Silver shining, radiant beams illumine all around. You see the love,  you feel the love, you hear its healing sound.

Like bells upon a meadow, or birds high in the sky. Or the gentle sound of rain or a breeze whispering by.

Hold the sound, hold the light, hold the feeling of this place. It is your own inner heart, but connected to external space.

Everywhere is part of you, and you are every thing. All is one – one is all, feel the completeness that this brings.

Rest here awhile, absorb the oneness, enjoy your inner world. When it’s time to go, I’ll let you know, but for now, let loving wisdom unfurl…

(take time here for some moments of silence before completing the meditation poem)

…You’ve found your heartspace, you know it’s there, always, whenever you choose. You can often return, and feel calm again, to just drift and dream and muse.

But for now the real world beckons, normality needs to return. And  you can turn and face the world, and live what you have just learned:

That all the world is joined together, by vibrating energy. There is no space, no separation, all hearts entrain in perfect synergy.

This inner wisdom helps you now see the good in everyone. So you can spread your light, your peace, your love, to radiate like the purest golden sun.

Come gently back, through the garden in your mind, bring back your loving heart. Walk once more through your inner gate, and prepare, ready to depart.

Your feet touch the gentle earth, you feel yourself inspired. With light, with love , with energy, with every kind thought you desire.

Slowly let your fingertips tingle, feel feet firm on the ground, and strong. As the vibrant living energy brings you back where you belong.

Legs, and feet, hands and arms, pulse with life again. Feeling great, feeling good, come back to earth again.

Open your eyes, have a stretch, be in touch with all you are seeing. Energy returns, you are back in today, as a loving human being.

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