Book signing for Regional Healathon and thoughts on Wisdom

Really chuffed to be asked to do a book signing of The Wigapom Quest, at the proposed Healathon in Suffolk in October.  This will consist of many of my healing colleagues from around The Healing Trust, Region 7  covering Essex, Suffolk,Cambridge,  and Norfolk, getting together for a day of Reunion and Healing and will be a fabulous opportunity to catch up, as well as  send and receive positive healing energy to each other and the Universe. And we all need a bit of that from time to time, especially now, after such negative energy has been experienced recently in our major cities and which many people have been dismayed about.  I always do my best to ‘trust the process’ as it says in The Wigapom Quest, and to recognise that there is a Bigger Picture out there that is just working towards perfection.  I was thus heartened, and not really surprised when despite the negative energy that erupted on the streets over those few hot days a lot of positive vibes appeared (some in the form of brooms!) to help re-balance the energy.  I was also full of admiration at the wise and compassionate words of the father of one of the young men so tragically mown down.  To have a heart full of so much love and compassion when his personal world must have collapsed with the death of his dear son is true wisdom.  As it states in The Wigapom Quest, wisdom is given to each of us, we just have to tap into it to learn how to use it and the world is automatically a better place.  There is always a positive to every negative.  And that thought gives me hope. Namaste, everyone!

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